PRAISE FOR Faith and Other Flat Tires:


“I did not intend to read this book–but then I started and couldn’t stop. What a relief:  a young adult faith memoir for people I actually know.” Kenda Creasy Dean, professor of youth, church, and culture, Princeton Theological Seminary


“Seldom have I been so touched by the truth and ache of a spiritual memoir. Andrea Palpant Dilley’s writing is fresh and clean and direct.” Paul J. Willis, author of Bright Shoots of Everlastingness: Essays on Faith and the American Wild


“[This book] is written with a story-teller’s ear and an English major’s eye. For those who work around the church this is a must-read.” Jim Singleton, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Colorado Springs, CO


“We are in need of people like Andrea, who do not shy away from their questions and doubts.” Dr. Steve Sherwood, Asst. Professor of Christian Ministry, George Fox University and Young Life Regional Trainer


“I believe that in this book we are witnessing the birth of a major contemporary writer.” Frederick Dale Bruner, Wasson Professor of Theology Emeritus, Whitworth University